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Commemorative Coins

The City of Sanford's Sesquicentennial Committee will hide a 150th commemorative coin each week. The person who finds the coin gets to keep it!

Here's how it works:

  • Coins will be hidden on Friday, Saturday, OR Sunday based on weather.

  • Coins will be hidden at different times of the day to give everyone an opportunity to find them.

  • A photo clue will always be posted on social media as soon as the coin is hidden.

  • If you find the coin, please follow the instructions on the insert!


For the best advantage, make sure to follow these pages on social media (especially Facebook):


Tip: Add these pages as favorites to ensure you see them in your feed quickly!


Want the chance to win a coin?

Sights from Sanford's Centennial

1874 - 2024


Celebrating Sanford's

by preserving our past, connecting our present, and working together for our future

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